Managed Cloud Services

Cloud computing is no longer something people laugh at and wonder where in the clouds their data is being stored. It is actually a critical component in the IT infrastructure of smart and growing business, providing for a virtual office with almost limitless storage space and on-demand network resources – all available 24/7.

The “cloud” refers to any type of data delivery service hosted through the internet. Critical data is moved from your server to a more secure off-site data center, where it can be retrieved on a variety of any tied-in electrical device with an internet connection. It allows for data to be updated and stored for easy retrieval from one central location. This eliminates the possibility of lost data due to some type of disaster – like fire, power outage, water damage or other misfortune that could affect the continuous use of your computers. It also improves communication and response time better than most standard servers and hardware.

Netswork simplifies the cloud for even those who are not tech-savy by providing a reliable, professionally administered and pro-active network infrastructure to fit your budget and growing needs. We can save you money by seamlessly integrating the cloud with all your other IT services, and by cutting down on the need to purchase expensive hardware and programs as your company grows.

We believe our managed cloud service is the perfect option to meet your IT needs by offering a complete plan to provide safety for your computers and programs, and help you grow you business. Contact us at 432-242-3700 to find out what we can do to improve your business as soon as possible.

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