Complete IT Management

Companies with limited to no IT resources can depend on Netswork’s managed services program to oversee and maintain your total IT infrastructure and operations – from servers and workstations, to software, printers, support services, and performance monitoring. We offer you proactive expertise from a Fortune 1OOO IT organization. This can eliminate any headaches and stress you get from trying to manage one of your company’s most critical assets on your own.

Our enterprise-based management service includes monitoring and reporting, management of alerts through resolution, and preventive IT and security tasks to augment your staff, including:

  • Partnering with you to develop a total plan that encompasses all your needs, with room for expansion
  • Management and monitoring of servers, networks, desktops, laptops and any other devices linked within your infrastructure
  • Preventing security breaches from spyware/malware, viruses and spam by installing, managing and updating security software
  • Updating all software, and managing security patches
  • Backing up your servers and workstations by storing your encrypted data in our secure data centers
  • Installing and managing firewalls, routers and switches
  • Managing your wireless network and printing
  • Hosting and providing secure access of your email through our secure data centers
  • Providing secure access to your servers/data/applications from any device
  • Eliminating the worry about aging servers by hosting your private servers in Netswork’s cloud
  • Mobile device management (phones and tablets)
  • Managing voice infrastructure
  • Having a reliable recovery plan in place to minimize down time and loss of business resulting from an unexpected disaster – fire, water damage, etc.

Complete IT management encompasses all phases of your technical operation, and it can be a daunting process. Netswork takes all the worry and frustration away from you by taking over all phases of your IT infrastructure, hardware and operations. Give us a call today to set up a meeting and discuss how we can help save you money and improve your operations.

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