Law Office of Mike Holmes

I just wanted to thank you for the help you gave us with our computer network needs. As you know, we are a small office and our computer needs are not as extensive as many businesses, but having dependable, affordable and accessible computers is essential to our operation.

We have allays appreciated your promptness in addressing our concerns and your efficient use of time you spend on our problems.

Everything is working just like we need it to, and we are grateful for your suggestions and the caring attitude you show.

Of course we are all in business to make a living, but it is refreshing to work with people who give evidence of genuinely caring about their customers.

Thank you for the advice about handling our needs in the near future. When we can apportion some funds in the budget we will be calling you to implement some of those suggestion. We are confident that your solutions will continue to meet our needs.

Yours truly,

Earleen T. Peters Office Manager

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