Managed Print Services / Xerox Mobile Print Solution

Printers and printing devices are becoming more portable, and document sharing does not always have to be delivered through print media. Whether paper or digital, documents are a necessary part of life, and the best way to drive business. Interestingly enough, most companies have no idea how much time and money they actually spend on printing and document devices. Netswork can help you save as much as 30% on your printing needs, and allow you to gain control of your costs through our detailed knowledge of your current operating environment and our analytics-based approach.

We’ve created an architectural tool that can incorporate thin, thick and cloud-based technology that will work in any environment, and we will show you how to understand the full scope of your printing usage and needs across both Xerox and non-Xerox devices.

No matter if you are working from home on a mobile device, or in the building using any brand of printer, Netswork finds the use of Xerox Mobile Print Solutions to be the most productive.

With the Mobile Print Solution app, employees can stay productive wherever they are, and documents stay secure. This app locates printers within a public print network through the use of GPS and maps, and securely sends the print job to that location. The app is available for iOS, Android, Blackberry and other mobile devices, and integrates with Secure Card Readers and Follow-You printing.

Additional enhancements with this app include:

  • Web page printing
  • Media selection
  • Global deployment
  • Useful when your workforce is mobile, at home, at the office, or outsourced, where printing can be done directly from their mobile devices – – and there is no need to be at the office to print out your documents
  • Minimize the impact on IT resources

Contact us today to see how we can integrate Xerox Mobile Print Solutions into your managed printing services.

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