How Would You Rate Your Security Training?

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As the social media scene continues to grow, it remains the number one security threat to organizations. Not surprisingly, employees are your biggest threat in IT security! When we talk about “network security”, we aren’t just referring to protecting company or clients’ personal information. A seemingly harmless email link can leave your network wide open… Read more »

Are You Still Running Windows 7? Support Will Soon Run Out!

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Microsoft has officially begun its countdown for Windows 7’s end of extended support. Companies are now being warned that sticking with Windows 7’s outdated security rather than upgrading to Windows 10 could potentially be catastrophic. Windows 7 “does not meet the requirements of modern technology, nor the high security requirements of IT departments”, said Markus… Read more »

Managed Services Part 3: Why a la Carte is Not the Best

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We all know by now that outsourcing your day-to-day IT services helps increase your technology’s productivity and reduce expenses all at the same time. But let’s dig a little deeper. We’ve heard this statement many times, “I just want you to manage 1 or 2 things…not the whole operation.” Managing the whole IT operation versus… Read more »

Five Ways to Protect your Customers from Ransomware

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The effects of ransomware can be devastating. Users can permanently lose access to their operating systems. Sensitive data may be completely inaccessible. Here are five things you can do to help protect your customers’ systems from ransomware: Install Antivirus Software with Behavioral Capabilities Your best bet for protection against ransomware is behavioral-detection antivirus software. This… Read more »

Managed Services: Dear CEO, Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

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The last few months have been dedicated to sharing the importance of managed services. We see it all too often…time and money lost due to problems that could have easily been avoided. This month, we’d like to speak directly to our CEO’s. We understand the heavy weight that rests on your shoulders every day to… Read more »

Managed Services: Why Your Company Can’t Run Without It.

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The advances in technology today is driving businesses to stay ahead of the curve. The result? A greater need for IT services. Even though information technology is on the rise, there are still misconceptions about Managed Services. Let’s find out what, where, when and why. WHAT:What is Managed Services for and what do you actually… Read more »

7 Reasons Why You Should Choose Managed Network Services

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Instead of having full-time IT staff, more and more companies are choosing Managed Services. This allows you to outsource day-to-day IT management and computer network support. Why? This method has been proven to be more cost-effective and has helped improve business operations. By maintaining a proactive approach, you can maintain an infrastructure environment precisely suited… Read more »

In the News: The Cloud is The Future

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While a myriad of forces are changing the face of contemporary health care, one could argue that nothing will change the way we practice medicine more than current advances in information technology. A New Way to do Healthcare is Here! Researchers are predicting that more than 32 million American consumers will track their own health… Read more »

Client Spotlight: Southwest Heritage Credit Union

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“When I first came on board with Southwest Heritage Credit Union as the new IT Services Manager, my first order of business was to modernize the hardware, software and network infrastructure of the credit union. I reached out to Mike Pippen and the guys at NetsWork to advise and assist me with this enormous task,… Read more »