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The last few months have been dedicated to sharing the importance of managed services. We see it all too often…time and money lost due to problems that could have easily been avoided.

This month, we’d like to speak directly to our CEO’s. We understand the heavy weight that rests on your shoulders every day to be the “jack-of-all-trades”. When it comes to your IT security, there is too much at risk to attempt this on your own!

Here are questions we hear the most from CEO’s and our “short answer” to each:

Q. I never know how much to budget for IT. What is a safe amount?

A. Good question! The answer is easy…by converting over to a MSP (managed service plan), you always know how much to budget. We make sure safeguards are in place to prevent downtime and expensive network disasters.

Q. How does this actually save money beyond IT services?

A. Hiring and training your own IT department can get not only expensive but risky when new hires don’t live up to your expectations. A MSP allows you to focus your attention and resources on where you need them most.

Q. How would a MSP give me the leading edge?

A. Research, development, and implementation takes time…time away from what you do best! NetsWork has the time, experience and resources to implement your ideas as well as develop ways to improve the functionality of your company.

Q. How would a MSP help reduce risk?

A. Government regulations, technology and financial policies are constantly changing. By using a MSP, we manage your security and compliance issues. We also determine how to avoid risk by asking questions like: Is your firewall up to date? When was your last server audit? Is your company PCI compliant?

Still not sure? Let us find out exactly how much you could save in operating with a MSP. We will sit down together and create a simple framework to determine a ballpark cost of loss. The numbers are staggering!

Call our office today to schedule a free “Cost of Loss” examination: 432.242.3700.

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