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As the social media scene continues to grow, it remains the number one security threat to organizations. Not surprisingly, employees are your biggest threat in IT security!

When we talk about “network security”, we aren’t just referring to protecting company or clients’ personal information. A seemingly harmless email link can leave your network wide open to hackers which could potentially shut down your business for a detrimental amount of time.

Here are 8 common Do’s & Don’ts:

  1. Don’t be tricked into giving away confidential information
  2. Don’t use an unprotected computer
  3. Don’t leave sensitive info lying around the office
  4. Lock your computer and mobile phone when not in use
  5. Password-protect sensitive files and devices
  6. Always use hard-to-guess passwords
  7. Don’t plug in personal devices without the OK from IT
  8. Don’t install unauthorized programs on your work computer

An effective security awareness program can save you thousands! Instead of simply forbidding employees from social media, a successful program educates your team in how to assess threats in a multitude of situations.

Still not sure? Let us help! We will sit down together and create a program just for you.
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